Ensuring Your Chimney And House Health

Taking care of your house is a major priority.  Things like foundations, mold, rot and general age can cause havoc to your home.  One part of your home however most people overlook.  This is the chimney.  The chimney is your lifeline when it comes to heating your home.  This is why hiring well-respected chimney repair contractors yarmouth port ma will ensure that your chimney and your house are structurally sound.

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Chimney inspection

The first step in the process is to have an inspection.  This inspection will look at the inside and out of your chimney.  They will also do a ground survey to ensure that the house isn’t sinking or if there is erosion underground that could lead to future problems.


The next step will be to do a general cleaning.  This can be a messy process depending on how much the chimney has been used.  Years of soot and ash may have built up inside of the chimney.  Animals and birds may have also made the chimney home.  These need to be cleaned out before use or it could cause a fire.


Hopefully the repairs needed to your chimney will be minimal.  In some cases bracing of your chimney to the house and a few additional supports will be all that are needed to repair your chimney.  In extreme cases partial or total reconstruction may be needed as well. 

Don’t put it off

When it is time to clean, fix, repair or replace your chimney don’t delay.  Winter is coming sooner than you may think and having a functional chimney may be the difference between a cold house or toasty warm rooms.

When it comes to the health of your home make sure that everything is up to code.