The Drum Filling Process from Start to Finish

In an industrial environment where liquid based chemical products are manufactured, processed and stored there needs to be a way to fill sealed steel containers safely and environmentally sound.  This is why using a drum filling machine in your production line will ensure all of the requirements are met.

drum filling machine

In a warehouse, factory or production line environment steel barrels will be placed onto a production line where the desired materials will be injected into the steel drums for future storage, transport and final usage.  The main piece of equipment used for this process is known as a drum filling machine. 

The First Stage

The first stage for the drum filling machine is the uncapping process.  When the drums are loaded into the process they have a metal cap keeping the interior air tight and free of debris during transport and storage.  The machine will unscrew the cap and send it down the line to the second stage.

Second Stage

The second stage involves a N2 Purge Machine.  The purge machine is a device that will purge your metal drum of any miscellaneous particles that could contaminate the materials that will be injected into the machine. 

Third Stage

In the third stage the drum filling machine will actually fill the drums with the desired materials the drum was designed to hold.  This is done through a two nozzle filling system.  This system will inject the materials into the drum at a high rate of speed ensuring that no air bubbles can form and there is no waste or spillage of the materials.

Stage Four

The fourth stage or the process is the capping machine.  Similar to the uncapping machine that took the caps off, the capping machine will close the drums with a metal twist cap.  This brings us to the next and final stage where a vinyl cap is placed on the drum. 

With the drum now clean, filled, capped and sealed the drums are taken to a labeling machine, then stacked in sets of four on a pallet before being shipped off to their final destinations.