The Single Most Important Component To The Modern Age

The leap from the Stone Age to the computer age seems to most as a blink of an eye.  However, the process has taken thousands of years.  Over the last twenty years mankind has traveled the journey from caveman to space man with the help of a world changing discovery, silicon wafers.

The silicon wafer is the foundation for the modern computer age.  With silicon wafers we are now able to manage the flow of electrical current between resisters, transistors and other electrical components.  With this ability we are able to create devices such as cell phones, televisions, video cameras and even the computer age itself.

Without silicon wafers our modern electronics culture would cease to exist.  These wafers are so important to modern technology it would grind to a halt without them.

How the process works

The process works by taking silicon from the Earth and melting it in an argon bath up to 2500 degrees.  When the silicon is melted a seed crystal the width of a pencil is lowered into the melted silicon and spun in the opposite direction.  The crystal is then raised at one and a half millimeters a meter as the silicon is allowed to cool. 

From there the crystal is cut and scanned for purity and imperfections.  If everything is perfect the crystal is cut with an ultra-thin wire producing silicon wafers two thirds of a millimeter thick.  The wafers are then sent to a polishing machine that polishes the wafer to a mirror finish.  From there chemicals are used for the second phase of the polishing process making the wafer ultra-polished.

Creating the chips

silicon wafer suppliers

The process used by silicon wafer suppliers to create chips is time consuming and detailed.  With the use of etching machines, clean rooms and air purifiers the development of the microchip is made.  Once done, buyers can request the specific patters they need for their chip development.