What’s the Cost of Gravel Roof Removal Service?

Gravel is beneficial to a flat roof when it is new, but over time, the added weight may pose a threat to the roof and potentially cause damage. If it is time to replace the flat roof, removing the gravel is the first task in that project. It’s important that all the gravel is thoroughly removed from the roof before replacement is added to prevent damages and mishaps. Exactly how much money is it going to cost for roof gravel removal?

It is a good idea to request estimates before you hire someone to remove the gravel roof. Estimates don’t cost a dime, but does help you sort through the area companies and learn where the best prices are fund. Bear in mind that the least expensive provider isn’t a sign of the worst company, just as the most expensive isn’t a sign that you’ve found the best. Always use the company’s qualities as a reference to the best company, along with the prices.

roof gravel removal

Many factors determine the costs of gravel removal. This includes the size of the roof the company chosen for removal, the type of removal you want, and other factors. As long as you compare, you can be sure that you get the best price for the service. How much should you expect to spend to remove the gravel before putting a new roof on the building?

The average costs to remove gravel from the roof is about $250 – $340 per square foot. Keep in mind that your costs may increase above this amount if you request special services or if other factors apply. Again, compare costs to ensure the best rates are found for this service. It won’t take long to compare, but the results are phenomenal.